Frozen delight

Frozen delight

Frozen delight of jelly custard


  • 100 g Sugar
  • 140 g Custard powder
  • 1 Packet red jelly 80 g


  • In a pot bring 1 liter water to the boil.
  • Mix Custard powder and sugar with a little water.
  • Mix the dissolved Custard powder with the boiling water to make custard.
  • Whisk immediately to prevent lumps.
  • Dissolve the Jelly powder in 200 ml hot water.
  • Boil the custard for 30 second stirring continually to ensure it doesn't burn. 
  • Add the Jelly to the custard.
  • Mix well until all is one color.
  • Pour into moulds and allow to set in freezer for 6 hours depending how cold your freezer is.


Turn out and serve with Savoy sauce.

Serve 8 portions depending on the size of your moulds.

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